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There's probably enough hero worship of Dave Eggers as it is, so forgive us for piling on. Mr. Eggers, whose collection of short stories, How We Are Hungry is just out (McSweeney's, $22), gets our tip of the hat today for his new, non-profit writing center 826NYC, 372 5th Ave. [5th/6th] Bklyn 718.499.9884.

Its purpose is to teach students (ages 6-18) to develop their writing skills, and offers free workshops, tutoring, and other projects to that end. 826 is an offshoot of 826 Valencia, a similar writing center in San Francisco's Mission District, opened in 2002.

You can help 826NYC with a donation or by volunteering.

And, really, isn't someone who opens a place to help teach kids how to write worthy of a little support, and maybe even hero worship?
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