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9 Great Scents

Whether or not a fragrance strikes you as ambrosial or nose-wrinkling is of course completely personal. Here's a selection of what strikes our olfactory fancy. And today over at getTRIO, we're featuring artisan perfumers from around the world.

This eau de toilette, by Ulrich Lang New York, has bergamot, violet, and leather in its intoxicating mix.

Broadway Nite
At Bond No. 9, 9 Bond [Bway/Laf] 212.228.1732 (and other locations), 26 NYC neighborhood- and street-inspired scents. Broadway Nite is our favorite, but it's a tough call.

Eucalyptus Soap
This soap, from the Thymes company, has an eye-opening, head-clearing aroma that has made it our longstanding fave for morning ablutions.

The newly-opened LES Whole Foods, 95 E. Houston [Bowery/Chrystie] 212.420.1320, has a cheese-aging room called the Fromagerie that would be the envy of any artisan affineur. Eau de cheese here, but clean, not overwhelming, very appealing.

Gramercy Tavern
Walking into Gramercy Tavern, 42 E. 20th [Bway/Park Ave. S.] 212.477.0777, is always a rush because you're greeted by the enticing aromas coming from the wood-burning oven.

Le Cherche Midi
We've written before about how we came to love the signature fragrance from Le Cherche Midi.

Lime Basil & Mandarin
Many of Jo Malone's creations are a delight, but we never tire of this signature cologne.

Santa Maria Novella Cologne
Created for Catherine de Medici, this fragrance, available at Lafco NY, 285 Laf [Jersey] 212.995.0001, has remained popular ever since.

White Truffle Honey
If you're wondering what honey and white truffles could possibly have to do with each other, follow the advice of Urbani and keep two words in mind: roast pork.

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