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A Generous Impulse

We read a while back about a husband and wife in New York who make it a point to pick up two pieces of trash from the ground every morning. Doesn't sound like much, but over 700 fewer pieces of trash in a year on our streets — well, that's not bad. Doable. A small thing, but still.

The world seems in a particularly vulnerable place right now. We can only do what we can do. But we can do something. So we're taking our cue from that husband and wife and launching a blog today called A Generous Impulse (from the maxim "Never stifle a generous impulse" — an old chestnut, perhaps, but not bad as old chestnuts go).

The idea is simple: each day, one small thing you can do that might leave the place a little better. So, we may point you to a worthy organization that needs some cash. Or a non-profit that needs volunteers. Or a group that needs some specialized expertise. Or a lightbulb that will save energy. Or about an email-writing campaign. Or a particular school that needs books.

This one won't be New York specific — it's about doing some good, and there are no borders when it comes to that. We'll keep it short and offer a few easy and practical things you can do if the topic interests you.

We hope you'll check in with A Generous Impulse from time to time — whenever the impulse strikes.

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