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A Michelin Guide Parody
Old New York

From Gulliver's Travels to the Jetlag Travel Guides, which send you off to to places like "Molvanîa," writers have created imaginary countries, cities and villages, and guided your journey there.

Surrealist French artist Georges Hugnet (1906-1974) traveled Brittany in 1947 and that trip inspired a project called Huit jours à Trébaumec—8 Days in Trébaumec.

The book, finally published in 1969, is a "Guide Rose Micheline," a Surrealist alternative to the Michelin guide. It focuses on the fictional town of Trébaumec (the name is a play on the French phrase beau mec, which means good-looking guy).

At the Ubu Gallery, 416 E. 59th [1st/Sutton] 212.753.4444, an exhibition has opened featuring Hugnet's book, with its often ribald collages and odd juxtapositions. In Michelin parlance, the show is worth a detour.

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7th Avenue and 116th Street around 1900

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