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A Question for You

Good morning, gentle readers.

We have a question for you today about MUG.

If MUG went from being ad-supported to reader supported (no ads), would you pay $5 a year to support what we do? It would be completely voluntary, but would you be likely to kick something in?

Please take a second to answer the question in our poll below—that would be really helpful.

The ad-supported model we've been using has its limits since driving traffic to our site has never been a priority for us, and, in any case, it's not something we're particularly good at doing. Delivering interesting, useful content about New York is really the only thing in our skill set. If some percentage (and that's the question) of you would be willing to support us, we could continue on our idiosyncratic way as well as offer new features and enhancements.

If we do go that route, we'd probably do a pledge-week drive once or twice a year—encouraging you, hopefully in a not-too-annoying way, to support us. $5 would be our asking price—but you could pay more or less or nothing at all.

So if you've read this far, please take a second to vote in the poll below. And if you'd like to give us any more detailed feedback—we'd be very grateful for that, too. Email us here.

Many thanks.

Charlie Suisman


Would you be likely to support MUG with $5 a year if we went with an entirely reader-supported model (meaning: no advertising)?





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