arts 02.13.09

A Sculpture Tour
on Google Maps

One afternoon, a number of years back, we sat down with Tom Otterness, the great and much-loved sculptor, to talk about some of his favorite public sculptures.

He said, "Public sculpture used to make an image of the society. Now we have no universal image of ourselves." So it's no surprise that when a new public work goes up, "there is a lot of heated debate." No debate about this: his insights into the works will help you see each of them afresh.

We've combined his comments with Google Maps; click on the blue markers to read what Mr. Otterness has to say about the sculpture.

To see the sculpture map, CLICK HERE

Hey, you remember how yesterday we included a cheap fare to London? Today, we're having second thoughts. That's because a friend from there emailed us a picture of the newest flavor of Walkers chips, which he described as "the latest culinary snack trend from London." The flavo(u)r? Cajun squirrel. Just not right.


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