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A Year in MUG

It's not time yet for the end-of-the-year lists. But we're looking back today at some of the hundreds of people, places and things we've written about in 2014 to encourage you, if you haven't so far this year, to support MUG.

As you may remember, MUG went ad-free/reader-supported back in January. To date, we've raised $32,760 toward our annual budget of $50,000. A contribution of any amount is truly appreciated, whether it's $10, $15, $25, or another amount!

From UP NEXT: Before they played Le Poisson Rouge, we told you about Supergroup The Gloaming, which takes traditional Irish music and quietly steps out on it. The results aren't revolutionary or subversive, just subtly altered and unsubtly thrilling. Have a listen here.

From FALL PREVIEW: The runways may have surprises in store, but Killer Heels: The Art of the High-Heeled Shoe at the Brooklyn Museum is a guaranteed autumn high for shoe lovers. Over 160 designs from all the major names past and present.

From DANISH DOSSIER: A series about Danish politics sounds like the world's worst elevator pitch, yet Borgen turns out to be really, really good television. A large part of its appeal is Sidse Babett Knudsen, a prodigiously skilled and charismatic Danish actress, who plays the country's first female prime minister. Available on DVD and Netflix. More: Why the world fell for Borgen.

From MOVING BINS: On Earth Day, we wrote about a use for plastic we enthusiastically endorse. Jugglebox and Bin It are two services that rent plastic bins to you for a move. When it comes to moving and the choice is paper or plastic, we'd definitely go with plastic.

From 27 OFFBEAT NYC MUSEUMS: At Fort Hamilton, Harbor Defense Museum reminds you how important defending the waterways has been throughout the city's history with its collection of cannons, small arms, uniforms and military-themed art.

From GUNS AND ROSES On Valentine's, we proposed a different way to show your love: support Campaign to Unload, a national divestment campaign to urge money managers to divest from manufacturers of assault weapons. On Valentine's Day (and every day), we called for fewer guns, more roses.

From OLD AND NEWWW.YORK: Tattoo Culture in Brooklyn creates body art that's a long way from Popeye's simple anchor tattoos. Browse the work of resident and guest artists and you'll see what we mean.

From DEMOLITION DEPOT: Four stories and a backyard of every architectural and design element imaginable, Demolition Depot is an adventure. The warehouse is darkish, though lights turn on as you move through different areas. Bringing a flashlight along isn't a bad idea. There's a clowder of cats in residence that the store cares for. The floors creak.

From GREEN: On the days we despair of our fellow human beings, we find it helpful to think of Jane Goodall. Her new book, Seeds of Hope: Wisdom and Wonder from the World of Plants, is a gentle jeremiad about the damage we are doing to our invaluable plants and forests. [Photo: Stuart Clarke]

From joe's nyc: "Welcome, Spring. Seriously."

From High Maintenance: The cult-hit web series High Maintenance—tales of the city with weed as the litmotif—is easily one of our favorite shows right now, on- or offline. It's a comedy of manners that's really smart, well-written and acted, funny and insightful.

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