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A Year in MUG

It's not time yet for the end-of-the-year lists. But we're looking back today at some of the hundreds of people, places and things we've written about in 2016 to encourage you, if you haven't so far this year, to support MUG. We're over 40% of the way to our goal, which is to get MUG to its 25th year in 2017!

From Up Next, the David Rubinstein Atrium at Lincoln Center: Turns out, architects Tod Williams and Billie Tsien knew exactly how to rehab hell's waiting room. And thanks to the philanthropy of David Rubenstein, the privately-owned public space, programmed by Lincoln Center, is now one of the city's consistent delights.

From Up Next: We pointed you to Ruth's Dream (now closed) at Bellevue's South Lobby, which we called, "one of the most beautiful places in New York right now, thanks to the installation of Ruth's Dream." It was a series of 8-foot tall photographs of Manhattan's wild flowers, illuminated from within, shot by the late artist Ruth Litoff, who suffered mental illness and took her own life.

From The Hudson Theatre: Theaters have their secrets, but The Hudson Theatre has especially good stories to tell.

From Keeping and Letting Go: Marie Kondo, 3000 family with photos with a teddy bear, and Treasures in the Trash Museum.

From Hump Day: Besties.

From Civics in Septic Shock: We are not in a teachable moment in this country and we won't be until we treat the septic shock that threatens the body politic. When we recover, however, longterm care should include reexamining the faded role of civics education in the nation's classrooms.

From Why the Pulitzer Prizes Matter: In 2012, three reporters at Brooklyn's InsideClimate News, a non-partisan nonprofit that covers energy and the environment, wrote a number of articles on oil pipelines, including a three-part series, plus epilogue, headlined The Dilbit Disaster: Inside The Biggest Oil Spill You've Never Heard Of… In 2013, they won the Pulitzer for National Reporting… At a time when the phrase mainstream media is often used to express contempt… let's celebrate the Pulitzers, which can shine a light on the good and essential work of InsideClimate News and other independent journalism.

From Maps: Katharine Harmon is the author of two of our favorite map books: The Map as Art: Contemporary Artists Explore Cartography and and You Are Here: Personal Geographies and Other Maps of the Imagination. Her new book—You Are Here: NYC Mapping the Soul of the City—is out tomorrow.

From RE-CO Brooklyn: Of the making lemonade school—RE-CO Bklyn, the only sawmill in New York City. Their mission is to save uprooted trees, increasingly felled by superstorms like Sandy and Irene, from being chipped, burned or landfilled.

From Old New York: The Kings County Wheelmen, a Brooklyn bike club in 1889. The gentleman on the right appears to be checking his iPhone.

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