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A Year of Film Festivals

January, 2006
NY Jewish Film Festival
Lincoln Center
What: Domestic and foreign films with a 'Jewish cinematic take.'
Where: Walter Reade
When: 1/11-1/26

Explorers Club Documentary Film Festival
What: Documentaries on the subjects of scientific exploration, field research, wildlife and conservation.
Where: The Explorers Club
When: 1/21

February, 2006
Best of the African Diaspora Film Festival
What: Features sold-out films and award-winners from the festival.
Where: BAM
When: 2/17-2/22

Red Shift Film Festival
What: Films made by travelers, nomads, and others 'in transit.'
Where: Anthology Film Archives
When: 2/23-2/25

March, 2006
New York International Children's Film Festival
What: Full-length and short films suitable for kids.
Where: multiple locations
When: tba

New York Underground Film Festival
What: Films that push boundaries and break ground.
Where: Anthology Film Archives
When: 3/8-3/14

BAMkids Film Festival
What: Dozens of films for kids from all over the world.
Where: BAM
When: tba

New Directors/New Films
What: Features the work of emerging filmmakers.
Where: Walter Reade Theater, MoMA
When: 3/22-4/2

April, 2006
GenArt Film Festival
What: Showcases many of the best emerging independent filmmakers and films.
Where: multiple locations
When: 4/5-4/11

Brooklyn Underground Film Festival
What: Boundary-pushing films.
Where: Brooklyn Lyceum
When: 4/19-4/23

Tribeca Film Festival
What: Brings together film lovers from around the city and around the world to watch and discuss the newest U.S. and international independent and studio films.
Where: Tribeca Film Center and elsewhere
When: 4/24-5/7

May, 2006
New York International Independent Film & Video Festival
What: Exhibits over 300 films, world premieres, documentaries, short films and animations from around the world.
Where: multiple locations
When: 5/4-5/11

Bicycle Film Festival
What: Films where biking or biking subculture are major elements.
Where: tba
When: 5/10-5/14

June, 2006
New York Lesbian and Gay Film Festival
What: One of the most comprehensive forums of international LGBT film/video in the world.
Where: multiple locations
When: 6/1-6/11

Brooklyn International Film Festival
What: BIFF's mission is to discover, expose, and promote independent film makers while drawing worldwide attention to Brooklyn.
Where: Brooklyn Museum of Art
When: 6/2-6/11

Rooftop Films Summer Series
What: Provocative and innovative films, with a focus on shorts.
Where: Old American Can Factory and elsewhere
When: June through September

New York Asian Film Festival
What: Launching pad for Asian films in New York City.
Where: Anthology Film Archives and ImaginAsian
When: 6/16-7/1

HBO/Bryant Park Summer Film Festival
What: Classic American films.
Where: Bryant Park
When: Mondays, June through August

July, 2006
Asian American Film Festival
What: Screens works by media artists of Asian descent and is a leading showcase for Asian/Asian American film and video.
Where: Manhattan and L.I.
When: 7/14-7/30

NY International Latino Film Festival
What: Films that depict Latino culture.
Where: tba
When: July

September, 2006
Coney Island Film Festival
What: Formerly a short film festival, now including feature pics.
Where: tba
When: tba

New York Film Festival
What: Features established and emerging directors.
Where: Walter Reade Theater and Alice Tully Hall
When: tba

October, 2006
NYC Horror Film Festival
What: Horror films, shorts and feature length.
Where: tba
When: tba

November, 2006
New York/Avignon Film Festival
What: Celebrates French, European and American independent film with new films, retrospectives, round-tables.
Where: multiple locations
When: tba

Margaret Mead Film & Video Festival
What: Showcase for international documentaries.
Where: American Museum of Natural History
When: tba

Asbury Shorts of NY
What: Showcase for short films.
Where: tba
When: tba
Pictured (in the beauty parlor)
One of the big hits and best reviewed films from the festival circuit last year, including New Directors/New Films, was "Live-in Maid" from Argentina, written and directed by Jorge Gaggero, starring the great Norma Aleandro. We keep hoping to find it on DVD, but no luck yet.

More on the Mandarin
"I called to cancel a reservation at Asiate and was on hold for 14 minutes before someone picked up. When I told them I had been on hold that long, the woman said 'Hm, there must be something wrong with our phones because everyone's been saying that.' If everyone's been saying that, how about trying to do something about it? Ridiculous."

"I was supposed to meet [a well-known person] at the upstairs bar. I came into the lobby wearing a suit, and looking more than respectable, I thought, if not downright distinguished, and asked some snotty factotum hanging in the lobby how to get to the bar. "I'm sorry, " he said, "it's too crowded up there and we're not letting anyone up." When I told him I was meeting a group who had a reservation, he rolled his eyes and pointed to the appropriate elevator. Upstairs there were a bunch of empty tables in said bar. WTF?"

Lingerie Sale
At Catriona MacKechnie, 400 W. 14th [9th] 212.242.3200, lingerie, loungewear, and swimwear from the likes of Dolce & Gabbana, Khurana, and ID Sarrieri at up to 80% off, 1/25-1/28, 11-7. 
Khurana silk satin and lace camisole was $242, now $48.

Beaulieu Vineyard
BV head winemaker Joel Aiken will be on hand serving some fabulous wines (including the 1997 Cabernet Sauvignon Private Reserve) while chef Eberhard M¸ller cooks up four courses to match at Bayard's, 1 Hanover Sq. 212.514.9454, on Wednesday, February 8th at 8pm, $185.

Joan Maynard
We note with sadness the death of Joan Maynard, who helped preserve the Weeksville houses. Ms. Maynard gave us our first tour of Weeksville a number of years ago and she shared with us her passion for preserving these important remains. Among the things found at the site was a picture of a woman staring from a tintype, proudly, down through time. She came to be known as "The Weeksville Lady" but it's surely fair to say that Weeksville boasts two such ladies.


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