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There's a man in his 50s, we'd guess, who walks his dog around the Great Lawn in Central Park on weekends. When it's warm out, he always wears a t-shirt with right-wing messages on it.

It started, as far we can remember, shortly after the invasion of Iraq and there were slogans such as Mission Accomplished, Condi Rice for President, and Bush Administration 1, NY Times 0. Each shirt was of course selected to needle his more liberal fellow New Yorkers and perhaps gloat a little. Most people just ignored him.

A t-shirt worn to provoke your neighbors is a small platform from which to make a point. But we admired his consistency and his commitment to his beliefs, if not the beliefs themselves. And it's in honor that we take advantage of our own small platform and bring this Saturday, April 28th to your attention — a day of nationwide impeachment protests calling for the impeachment of George Bush and Dick Cheney.

In New York City, three simultaneous events are planned for that day: a human mural with over 1,000 people spelling out IMPEACH on Coney Island Beach, a letter-writing campaign in Tompkins Square Park, and an impeachment festival at the Great Hill in Central Park. You can find out more at A28.

And what t-shirt has our neighbor been wearing these days? A pathetic deathwish: Giuliani/Lieberman '08.

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