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Here's an excellent resource for people with disabilities.

It's called ACCESS New York: A Guide to Accessible Travel in NYC. It's a free, 118-page PDF published by the Mayor's Office for People with Disabilities and they deserve a lot of credit for it. It includes travel/transportation information, accessibility information on landmarks, Broadway theaters, concert halls, sports venues, and so on — and we think the level of detail is impressive.

The MTA has their own PDF called the MTA Guide to Accessible Transit. It's useful, but distressing to see how few of the subway stations are actually wheelchair accessible. As a city, we should be able to do better than 15 stations — and at some of those stations, certain lines are not accessible or, for example at 50th and 8th, the C and E are only accessible if you're going downtown.

If you need to rent a wheelchair, Falk Drug and Surgical Supply, 259 E. 72nd [2nd] 212.744.8080, is your place.

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