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Activist Eyewear

These days, you better be good to enter your market at the higher end; fortunately Activist Eyewear is very, very good. 

This brand-new line of sunglasses, launching this month from its Brooklyn base, is the vision of Mark Craig, who has overseen every detail with enormous ingenuity and care.

Mr. Craig has trademarked a design called Split-Fit, in which the weight of the frame is distributed differently from other glasses, meaning there's not a lot of pressure on any spot and making the glasses comfortable beyond any we've tried.

The nosepads have their own story: each frame has its own type of rubber to make the grip secure but unobtrusive. Take a look at the rubber and you'll see a fingerprint on some models (it's Mr. Craig's own) that's not just a fun touch: it helps with grip, too.

Lenses are made of a "Ballistic-Grade Hybrid Polymer" — which translates as impact-resistant, lightweight, with full-spectrum filters and anti-reflective coating.

And the way each part fits together has been meticulously considered — in some cases invented — and then produced by small, family-owned workshops in Japan.

Style-wise, Craig builds on classic forms, letting each purposeful detail speak for itself. You won't see a lot of any model either: each run of eyewear in a particular color palette is a limited edition of… 718.

The glasses are $450 and will be available for purchase on November 15th at the website only.

It takes a lot these days to get us to part with $4.50, much less $450. But this eyewear is the real deal — cool, beautifully designed and produced. To our eyes, worth every penny.

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