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After School Special

In a 19th-century townhouse on MacDougal Street, on any given weekday afternoon, kids are chopping, dicing, measuring, and seasoning, on their way to becoming Jean-Georges Juniors, Mario Mini-Me's, or Baby Bouleys. Or maybe they're just kids having a good time learning to cook in the kitchen of Miette Culinary Studio, 109 MacDougal [Bleecker/Minetta] 212.460.9322.

Miette is run by Belgian-born Paul Vandewoude, formerly the chef at Le Zinc and Tartine. The kids classes (Miette teaches adults, too) are geared for different ages, starting as young as three. They prepare simple, healthy meals and desserts, meeting once a week for 90 minutes. There are also weekend workshops. Classes are $500-$700 for (generally) nine sessions and the next term begins in April. A good place for birthday parties, too.
Callaway Big Bertha
The new Big Berthas — Titanium 454 drivers — are in at the World of Golf, 147 E. 47th [Lex/3rd] 212.755.9398 and 189 Bway [Dey] 212.385.1246. $299 each.

Purse and Tote
Check out these purses and totes from Stewart + Brown, offered on Two reasons: 1) they're cool looking 2) they're eco-sensitive. How? When outdoor gear companies make ski parkas, there are tons of extra, unused fabric. Stewart + Brown put these materials to use. $56 for the tote, $72 for the purse.

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