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Air Conditioner Installation & Repair
3 Electric Fans
Every Person in New York

The biggest problem air conditioners face in these parts is dirt—ACs work by removing heat from the air and disposing of it on the outside. If the outside coils get clogged, it will cause the AC to work harder. Eventually, you can end up just circulating hot air in your room.

Most units just need a good steam cleaning; it's relatively rare that the compressor is broken or that you need Freon. If a machine is losing Freon, it means there's a leak in the system and the leak should be found repaired. Don't let someone come in and just 'put gas in the machine'. They need to find the leak. For a steam cleaning, the machine has to go into the shop. Anyone who works in your apartment is probably not doing you much good.

Installation: In the past dozen years, Vlad Galashev has built a reputation for fast, expert, and inexpensive installation.

Repair: Four Star has been in business since 1964, offering service and repair, as well as installation.

Three Fans:
1. This Soleus fan, which looks like it might have waddled out of a Pixar movie, not only does its job of circulating the air, it does it quietly. $24.51

2. We've been Vornado fan fans for many years because they pack more air-moving punch than any other portable. Looks were never their strong suit, but their new 660 is pretty darn sleek. $89.99

3. Too many ceiling fans start out with good intentions, only to wobble and squeak their way into a big, overhead FAIL. You'll spend more on this Cirrus Hugger ($336); what you'll get for your money is a stylish and sturdy windmill that makes virtually no noise on low speed and a tolerable, wind-sounding noise on high.

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