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Spring is here but winter, like a tiresome houseguest, shows no signs of packing up and hitting the road. Still, hot weather will be here before you know it and now is the time to get an AC bought, installed or cleaned.

The biggest problem air conditioners face in these parts is dirt—ACs work by removing heat from the air and disposing of it on the outside. If the outside coils get clogged, it will cause the AC to work harder. Eventually, you can end up just circulating hot air in your room.

Most units just need a good steam cleaning; it's relatively rare that the compressor is broken or that you need Freon. If a machine is losing Freon (or one of the newer refrigerants), it means there's a leak in the system. Don't let someone come in and just 'put gas in the machine'. They need to find the leak.

For a steam cleaning, the machine has to go into the shop. Anyone who works in your apartment is probably not doing you much good. Keep in mind that it may not be cost effective to clean a small machine—it's probably cheaper to replace it.

Installation: For over 20 years, Vlad Galashev's company Air Conditioner NY has built a reputation for fast, expert, and inexpensive installation. DIYers: City guidelines are here.

Repair: Four Star has been in business since 1964, offering service and repair, as well as installation.

Design: A "traditional 5,000 BTU window air conditioner into a beautiful design that's just 7" tall and twice as quiet as existing units" is the pitch from a new air-conditioner maker about the Kapsul W5. The problem is getting your hands on the thing. CNBC describes the production woes of Kapsul (originally Noria) following a 2016 Kickstarter campaign. Promised delivery was spring of 2017, delivery is now slated for "spring 2019."

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