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All-Star Maps

Some of the most memorable maps of NYC we've come across recently — new, vintage, and really old. Some are available for purchase, some are just for looking. Our previous article on maps from 2005 (with things like where to buy them, the NYPL Map Division, etc.) is here.

The Neighborhoods of Manhattan
You can argue some of the borders here, but we think this is a gorgeous piece of graphics.

A Map of Manhattan Depicting Some Bright Spots in that Dark Era before the Saloon left the Corner and Moved into the Home
From 1932, a map (with a PoMo title) of landmark bars and saloons heralding the repeal of Prohibition.

New York City Chocolate Guide
Robert K. Chin has thoughtfully tracked notable chocolates uptown and down. His website gives comprehensive chocolate info from the five boroughs plus Long Island and Westchester.

David Rumsey Historical Map Collection
To be perfectly frank, we have no idea of how the site is supposed to work. (It's also really memory intensive). Make sure 'Landsat 5, 1989' is checked (it's the last one on the list). What you'll get for your trouble: historical maps overlaid onto contemporary mapping capabilities. At least we think so. But it's definitely pretty cool.

Viele Map of Manhattan
Egbert Ludovicus Viele, Central Park's engineer-in-chief, created this beauty from 1865 that charts the island's ponds, marshes, canals, and streams.

City Neighborhood Posters
From Ork Posters, a graphic depiction of Manhattan nabes.

The West End Plateau of New York
Described by Martayan Lan as Likely The First Printed Map of Manhattan's Upper West Side.

1939 Map of New York
This one was produced by Macy's in honor of the '39 World's Fair, done by Russell Patterson.

Sony's Seinfeld/Google mashup, showing what happened where. Accompanying video clips make it fun browsing.

Melissa Gould's alternate history depiction of New York, in which the Nazis won WWII. Enjoy the Tiergarten!

New Amsterdam, a Small Town in New Holland in North America, on the Island of Manhattan, Renamed New York when it Became Part of the Territory of the English
A view from 1673.

New Yorker's Idea of America
Long before Saul Steinberg, New Yorkers were proudly parochical, as this 1930's pictorial map shows.

ManhattanArtNOW Map
A celebration of art in the public realm — 1500 works are depicted.

New York - Global Island
Country shapes are folded within the borough's edges, a metaphor that doesn't need much explicating.

Animated History of NYC Subway
This one shows you, via animated gif, the order in which subway lines were built.

Manhattan Transformations
Cool stuff from the Skyscraper Museum. You can add and remove virtual layers (things like monuments and parks, farms, Dutch settlement, and subways) throughout various periods in the city's history.

NYC Transit and Manhattan at night
Paula Scher, the great graphic designer with a day job at Pentagram, has created these two fabulous limited edition prints.


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