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Alpine Sophistication
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Masterpieces of unconventional architecture. Postmodern hubs of glass and steel. Contemporary paintings, ever increasing numbers of galleries and innovative design fairs competing for the attention of an international audience.

Take all of the above and pair it with the stucco facades of Baroque city centers, breathtaking rural landscapes and traditional Alpine charm, and you'll find yourself in modern day Austria, where the combination of the old and the new guarantees a memorable travel experience.

A Sample Itinerary:
From Mozart's birthplace in Salzburg to Tirol's charming villages and its medieval capital Innsbruck, and on to Vorarlberg's breathtaking landscape, you'll be surrounded by beautiful Alpine scenery on the one hand, and stunningly modern – even provocative – architecture and exhibitions on the other:

Contemporary Art in Salzburg
The city of Salzburg is not only famous for its annual Salzburg Festival in August. Some 4000 cultural events are held in Mozart's city each year. The overwhelming share of classical music is complemented by a wealth of modern events of social or political relevance. A lively art and culture scene with a plethora of galleries and event venues embraces the avant-garde, the unconventional and the future-oriented.

Modern Architecture in Tirol
The amorphous, glowing glass structure of the Nordkettenbahns mountain station, designed by architect Zaha Hadid, has become something of a symbol for Tirol's striking new architecture. The Nordkettenbahn funicular takes visitors right from the city center up to the foothills of the mountains, and the flowing lines of its 4 stations are both striking and unobtrusive against the mountain backdrop.

Architecture in Vorarlberg
With clever use of traditional building materials and clear, sleek design, the mountainous Vorarlberg region has become a magnet for lovers of cutting edge architecture. Since the 1990s this small province has been attracting considerable attention amongst the European architectural community. A concentration on sustainable building has also given Vorarlberg's architects a competitive edge in the world of construction. Economic use of natural resources and simple structure and layout characterize these contemporary buildings, yet they retain a strong link with tradition.

For more information…
Begin your own journey of discovery through Austria's stunning visual contrasts at www.austria.info/art, where you can order your free copy of our Art, Architecture & Design guide.

To book…
Artisans of Leisure is a travel company specializing in private, customized tours of Austria, with a focus on the local art, architecture, design, music history and cuisine. For additional information and to book a trip, please call (800) 214 8144 or visit www.artisansofleisure.com

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