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Anthony Logistics for Men

Straight guys, with or without benefit of the queer eye, and gay guys as well, can usually use some help putting their best face forward. Not many companies, though, focus exclusively on male grooming.

We've put to the test some of those that do and Anthony Logistics for Men is our clear favorite. Developed by Anthony Sosnick, the line focuses on four areas: face, shaving, body, and hair. We think the shaving cream, the algae facial cleanser, and the moisturizer are especially effective, but all of the Anthony products we've tried do what they say they will. The attractively minimalist packaging makes Dopp Kits frou-frou free. And a portion of the proceeds go to prostate cancer research and awareness.

You'll find the Anthony line at Barneys, Sephora, and Details stores, among others.

We've had some letters lately asking how MUG works. It's simple: we accept no fees, no freebies, or anything else, for what we write. We write about a product (as above), a restaurant, store, or service because we think you should know about it — either to recommend it to you or, in some cases, to steer you away from bad food, bad deals, or shady practices. We always welcome your feedback, and while we can't at this time answer questions for specific recommendations, we do try to address those questions in our daily articles. You can reach us at

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