arts 11.3.08

Art, Architecture & Design in Austria
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With the falling Euro, now might just be a great time to travel to Austria and experience Art, Architecture & Design.

To sweeten the deal we challenge you to test your Austria knowledge for a chance to to win tickets to one of Europe's most vibrant exhibition spaces: the Museumsquartier in Vienna…..

Austria is synonymous with imperial architecture and classical music. But don't underestimate Austria's appeal in modern art and architecture, for example in the form of the Kunsthaus Graz, whose biomorphic shape still amazes art and architecture afficinados. Or the architecture of Zaha Hadid in Innsbruck, with its looming ski jump tower and organically shaped train stations around the city…

We invited famous NY-based Austrian designer Stefan Sagmeister (you certainly have seen his innovative CD-cover design for the Rolling Stones) to talk about his influences and upbringing in Austria….

Austrian art has a great venue with the Neue Galerie Museum in New York. The current exhibition "Alfred Kubin: Drawings, 1897-1909," features over 100 works on paper and is the first major museum exhibition of his work ever held in the United States. His dark, hallucinatory visions of violence evoke a rather nightmarish vision that makes your hair stand up.


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