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Art Conservation
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Whether you have a fading Fragonard or a dusty flea market find, a talented and knowledgeable art conservator or restorer can bring your artwork back to fine fettle. Make sure you entrust the work to someone with a graduate degree in conservation, who is also a Fellow or a Professional Associate of the American Institute for Conservation (AIC). They will need extensive education and training to understand the background of the work, the materials and techniques that may have been used, to create the restoration plan, and to execute it well. No small feat. Find out if they specialize—each era, including contemporary—poses different problems. There is often a distinction drawn between art conservators and art restorers. In simplest terms, conservators ensure that whatever is done to the artwork can be undone (though many restorers do as well). Get an appraisal on the work—but that's not the job of the art restorer and the cost of the job should not be related to the painting's (or other artwork's) worth—rather to the expertise, work and time involved. In general, do the least possible. Avoid this (ask if they have conservator's liability insurance).

Alvarez Fine Art Services, 212.244.5255, in business for over 30 years, specializes in works on paper.

At Art Restoration NYC, 917. 587.1161, Andrei Givotovsky works on paintings and murals.

Lisa Rosen of Fine Art Restoration, 646.241.0931, has been restoring paintings, churches and frescoes for over three decades.

Gloria Velandia Art Conservation, 718.440.9355, specializes in modern, post-war and contemporary art.

Irene Shekhtman Art Conservation, 212.627.5714, works with objects from antiquity to the present.

Since 1907, Lowy, 212.861.8585, has applied the latest techniques in art conservation. They are well-known for their frame restorations.

At Pratzon Art Restoration, 212.807.7066, Jill Pratzon revives paintings on canvas and board.

Among the many successful large-scale projects undertaken by ArtCare Conservation, 212.594.8862, Old King Cole by Maxfield Parrish at the St. Regis.

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