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Articles of Impeachment

We're repeating this post from February because once was not enough.

Impeachment: An American History

Impeachment Scented Candle encourages you to 'put the scent of impeachment in the air.' $20

White House Impeachment Trial History
Lobby of the White House at Washington, $36

Tentative Description of a Dinner to Promote the Impeachment of President Eisenhower by Lawrence Ferlinghetti. Listen to it here

Bill Clinton Senate Impeachment Trial First Day Ticket $399

Impeachment Ex-Presidential Hot Sauce is now sold out. Does not augur well.

Impeachment of Richard M Nixon President of the United States, Report of the Committee on the Judiciary, $21

Impeachment: A Citizen's Guide by Cass R. Sunstein

Watergate board game, $45

86 45 t-shirt, $18.51

Nixon Resigns, ebay auction.

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Articles of Impeachment

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