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Tuesdays at 8:30pm, The Gael Pub, 1465 3rd [82nd/83rd] 212.517.4141, runs a trivia contest.

Mad River, 1442 3rd [82nd] 212.988.1832, has Trivia Tuesday from 8-10pm.

Trivia Tryst, a roving quiz night, turns up on Tuesday, 8pm, at Bounce, 1403 2nd [73rd] 212.535.2183, and 7pm that night at The Dubliner, 45 Stone [Coenties/Mill] 212.785.5400.

At Keats Bar, 842 2nd [45th] 212.682.5490, trivia night is Tuesday, 9-11pm.

Turtle Bay, 987 2nd [52nd] 212.223.4224, starts its Trivia Tuesdays at 6:30pm.

The Big Quiz Thing is the oldest established, permanent floating trivia game in New York. Next round: 8/15, 7pm, at Le Poisson Rouge.

Craftbar, 900 Bway [20th] 212.461.4300, is hosting "A Case of the Mondays" trivia night from 7-10pm in the private dining room. Reserve.

Dempsey's, 61 2nd Ave. [3rd/4th] 212.388.0662, trivia night, Wednesdays, 7pm.

Flight 151, 151 8th [17th/18th] 212.229.1868, has a trivia contest on Thursday nights.

It's Quiz Night every Tuesday, 7:30pm, at M.J. Armstrong's, 329 1st [19th] 212.358.9946.

Fast 50 trivia night at Sláinte, 304 Bowery [Bleecker/Houston] 212.253.7030, is run by factoids whiz Tony Hightower of Trivia NYC.

Bar Great Harry, 280 Smith [Sackett/Degraw] 718.222.1103, has a monthly trivia night.

Last Exit, 136 Atlantic [Henry/Clinton] 718.222.9198, Pub Quiz with 50 questions, first and third Mondays, 9pm.

Pete's Candy Store, 709 Lorimer [Richardson/Frost] 718.302.3770. Quizz-Off, Wednesdays, 7:30pm.

Rocky Sullivan's, 34 Van Dyke [Dwight] 718.246.8050, trivia night, Thursdays.

Drink and Think trivia, Tuesday nights in Sunnyside at Bar 43, 43-06 43rd St. [43rd Ave.] 718.361.3090.

MUG's NYC Trivia Challenge. Answers will be posted on the MUG website after 1pm today (Look in this section of today's article)

Q: The city has six 4-star restaurants, as awarded by The Times. What are they?
A: Del Posto, Eleven Madison Park, Daniel, Jean Georges, Le Bernardin, Per Se

Q: Who are the three tri-state governors?
A: Cuomo, Chris Christie, Dannel Malloy

Q: What was the name of the department store at Fifth Avenue and 34th Street?
A: B. Altman

Q: What music does Lord & Taylor play every morning when the store opens?
A: The National Anthem

Q: The National Tennis Center in Queens, where the U.S. Open is held (starting this year on August 29th) is named for whom? The main court is named for whom?
A: Billie Jean King, Arthur Ashe

Q: Louis Sullivan designed one building in NY. What is it?
A: The Bayard-Condict building

Q: The title of the much-loved NYC magazine in the 1980s, edited by Adam Moss?
A: 7 Days

Q: The final season for the Brooklyn Dodgers was a) 1957 b) 1967 c) 1977
A: 1957

Q: Which stage and screen actor made his debut in Harvey Fierstein's "Torch Song Trilogy"?
A: Matthew Broderick

Q: The original Oreo cookies were made somewhere in Manhattan. Where?
A: The Nabisco factory was located where Chelsea Market is now.

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