intersection 05.14.18

Be Best New York

Be Richest
Michael Bloomberg ($53.4 billion)

Be Oldest
Beulah Meloche (111)

Be Oldest House
Pieter Claesen Wyckoff House

Be Hottest
July 9, 1936 (106 degrees)

Be Most Expensive Sundae
Golden Opulence Sundae, $1000, Serendipity

Be Deepest Subway Station
191st on 1 Line

Next NY Attorney General, (should be she, not be he)

Be Largest Manmade Structure in World
Fresh Kills Landfill, soon be Freshkills Park

Be Longest-Running Broadway Show

Be Tallest Ferris Wheel
Not be Staten Island, if happens. Dubai, if happens.

Be Beekeeper
NYC Beekeeping

Be Oldest Hospital City, also Country

Be Most Disgusting
Kelly Sadler. Next week new.

Happy Mother's Day

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