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Walk 10,000 steps a day:
The Fitbit Alta, $99.95, is a slim wrist monitor that tracks steps, floors, calories, and sleep patterns.

Drink more mushrooms:
Teas and tinctures using mushrooms such as wild-harvested chaga, reishi, lion's mane, and turkey tail are available from the excellent Adirondacks company Birch Boys.

Better habits:
Every Single Day: Daily Habits to Create Unstoppable Success, Achieve Goals Faster, and Unleash Your Extraordinary Potential

Find balance
The URBNFit Balance Board, $27.99, helps not only with balance but many other strength, core, and coordination exercises.

Quit smoking:
Get an assist via NYC Quits and with Livestrong's MyQuit Coach.

Deep relaxation:
Jennifer Reis leads a three-day Yoga and Deep Relaxation Retreat: The Gift of Divine Sleep Yoga Nidra at Kripalu, January 25-27, in Stockbridge, Mass.

Bike more:
Annual membership for Five Borough Bicycle Club is $25. The New York Cycle Club is $30.

Learn a language:
Idlewild bookstore offers 7-week classes at all levels in French, Spanish, German, and Italian. Manhattan and Brooklyn locations.

Eat better, fight injustice:
Protest Kitchen: Fight Injustice, Save the Planet, and Fuel Your Resistance One Meal at a Time by Carol J. Adams and Virginia Messina, makes the case that we are what you eat.

Reward yourself:
Hawley, Pennsylvania makes the leap to luxe with spa resort The Lodge at Woodloch.


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