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Being Green

A few ways to green up your act.

Stylish, eco-friendly products are the stock in trade at IIKH, 458 W. 17th [10th] 866.458.1017. They sell organic bedding, (free of solvents and resins), baby care products and toys, soaps, lotions, olive oils, furniture, and some great gift boxes.

3r Living, 276 5th Ave [1st/Garfield] Bklyn 718.832.0951, a year-old Park Slope shop, features 'future-friendly' products: paper goods, house cleaning supplies, body care products, and housewares.

For your pooch, consider biodegradable business bags, made from corn, which biodegrade in 45 days. (Your Baggie will last a couple of centuries). They're available from the stores above as well as Sharper Image. About $6 for 40 bags. (You can also find biodegradable and compostable kitchen bags from BioBag, available at most natural food stores…For yourself, there's, um, S--tBegone, two-ply toilet paper made from 100% recycled, unembossed paper. Twenty-four rolls is $30. (btw, we're not shy about using four-letter words, but lots of corporate firewalls won't let that in…)

Conscious Style Home: Eco-Friendly Living in the 21st Century by Danny Seo (St. Martin's, $29.95), good advice, plenty of sources, and no shortage of style.

Due later this month, The Complete Green Clean by Linda Mason Hunter and Mikki Halpin (Melcher Media, $16.95), a step-by-step guide to cleaning your home with natural and safe products.

You know the recycling drill for your personal stuff (if you're hazy, the details are here). New York WasteMatch helps reduce solid waste disposal costs for companies. If you are a waste producer, you can sell what you used to pay to discard and have carted. Reusers get materials for free or at low cost. Good thinking all around.

Composting in NYC? Yup, details here. The average New Yorker generates about two pounds of organic waste every day — stuff that could be doing some good.

Lots of tree hugging on MUG today and nowhere more so than at Treehugger, a NYC-based website started by Graham Hill. It may be the single best resource for people, places, and things that lean green.

The Green Guide is another excellent site along the same lines.

Dirt Works is the go-to source for natural fertilizers, seeds, and lawn care products.

Non-toxic, biodegradable house cleaning and paper products from Seventh Generation, a well-regarded Vermont company.

A non-profit project, the Green Apple Map, charts the eco-friendly, suppliers interested in sustainability, renewable technologies, and green spaces.

Transportation Alternatives has been fighting the good fight for environmentally sound transportation since 1973.

Three of the groups helping to keep NY green and livable:
Green Guerillas

The Trust for Public Land
5 List: Museums
Enrico Caruso Museum of America, Brooklyn
Garibaldi-Meucci Museum, Staten Island
The Judaica Museum, Bronx
Louis Armstrong House, Queens
Freakatorium, El Museo Loco, Manhattan


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