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Ben Folds

We don't care. We love Ben Folds.

NY appearance:
He'll be at Summerstage on August 20th with Aimee Mann at 6:30pm. Tickets are $40, general admission, available at

New music:
Folds is doing something interesting. He's releasing three EP's of new songs over the next few months. The full CD won't be out until next year, but you can buy the EP's online. "Speed Graphic", the first, is out now and it's great. There's a new song, three that were "never recorded for real" (as he puts it), and "In Between Days", an old Cure song.

More on BF: — with info on how to purchase "Speed Graphic".
Scandal on Wall Street? Nothing new, of course, as Patricia Beard reminds us in her recently published book After the Ball, a non-fiction account of "Gilded Age secrets, boardroom betrayals, and the party that ignited the Wall Street scandal of 1905." It's $25.95, from Harper Collins.

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