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Best NY Websites

Four years ago, when we made our picks for Best NY Restaurant Websites, we wrote "Most New York restaurants, those that are online at all, have pretty snoozy websites…"

A reader wrote to us recently saying, "I would love to see a 2007 version of this posting, as the web has become more and more essential in our everyday lives and design and technology has done so much more for restaurant websites than this posting can justify…I feel like I've seen so many really great websites out there that this posting doesn't do good web designers and developers justice." Very true. So here we go…

The Stanton Social
A gorgeous site that doesn't look like every other restaurant website, the Flash zips along, and there's good info, too — including things like a pdf of the full wine list.

La Grenouille
An old guard restaurant that gets the web exactly right with an elegant but unstuffy site. "The restaurant opened its doors on December 19th, 1962 on a quiet night in the midst of a snowstorm" are the words that greet you — drawing you in like a good novel.

An elegant color palette, clever navigation, and a choice of accompanying music.

Sushi Yasuda
Most designers wouldn't even consider a site that has no Flash, is mostly text, with little color besides black, white and a little red. But to us the message is clear — clean, fresh fish without unnecessary adornment. The image shows the Sushi Yasuda Origami Shrimp card that comes with ten sheets of paper.

The Spotted Pig
More font styles than you can shake a stick at, a deliberately homespun feel for such a hotspot (you enter the site by clicking on one of a pig's sections), and no moving parts. Lot of nice touches — including a FAQ, something more restaurant websites should do. But mostly we like that the site somehow captures the spirit of the place.

No music (thank you!) and not a whole lot of bells and whistles. But the intro welcomes you right to the front door, and each image, whether it's of the dishes or the same tree in four seasons, makes us want to eat in the restaurant.

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