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Best of 2003

Happy Hour
If you've just gotten in to work and you're already considering your after-work options, this MUG's for you.

Two Rising Stars
Jhumpa Lahiri and Sondre Lerche.

Grado Headphones
Listen up, music lovers. Whether it's Dvorak's "Serenade for Strings in E" or Missy Elliott's "Under Construction" or T-Bone Walker's "Complete Imperial Recordings, " it's all going to sound better with a pair of Grado headphones on. Possibly even Celine Dion will sound better, too, but no promises there.

Try this: about two hours before sunset (in decent weather), install yourself inside James Turrell's installation called "Meeting" at P.S. 1…

No Elephants, No Even-Toed Ungulates, and No Otter Shrews!
After hearing about the tiger and alligator discovered living in an apartment in Harlem, we thought you might like to have the full rundown of animals prohibited as pets in New York City by the Department of Health.

Bally Total Fitness
When it comes to Bally Total Fitness, New Yorkers are feeling the burn, all right. This company has been drawing the ire of its members here and across the country for more than a decade.

For Immediate Release
Vincent Canby gives new meaning to meeting his deadline and Cindy Adams on bagels.

The Bon Vivant
Adam Gopnik on coffee shops.

7 NY Artists Websites
Caio Fonseca, Adam Stennett, Tom Otterness…

If Hooters can have an airline, so can Bobby Flay.At least that seems to be the operating principle lately at Bolo, where coach food, unburdened by such things as discernible flavor and proper cooking times, is being offered at unflinchingly first-class prices (entrees average $28).

11 Hotels Under $200
When you need to stash family and friends somewhere other than your sofabed, consider these 11 hotels under $200.

18 Cool NYC Websites
Including A Love of Monsters and Early Films of NY.

Timeless Design
We asked writers, designers, architects and others for some examples of timeless design in New York — building, space, area, or object. Here's what they said.

Knipschildt Chocolates
Fritz Knipschildt's name may be a mouthful, but wait till you taste his chocolates.

The Worst of MUG
We love NY, but not everything and everyone in it.

Cornelia Street
Cornelia Street is always a good answer, at least when the question is 'where should we eat tonight?' This small, West Village block is New York's Best Little Restaurant district.

TWA Terminal
The Saarinen landmark comes thisclose to destruction.

Buttons, feathers, pens, and more.

Forbidden Pleasures
Absinthe, Cuba, and Cannabis Culture Magazine.

Shipwreck Scuba Diving
The adventure that is New Jersey…wait, actually, there is adventure off the Jersey shore, where you can go shipwreck scuba diving among thousands of freighters, schooners and passenger liners.

6 Great Florists
Call on these six great florists when you need jaw-dropping arrangements, the hell with cost.

Best NY Restaurant Websites
Most New York restaurants, those that are online at all, have pretty snoozy websites: here's our menu, here's a little about the chef, here's what the press says. Okay as far as they go. Following, though, are some restaurant websites that go further, worth surfing to whether or not you're eating there any time soon.

Whatsamatta U? U-Haul's customer service has for years been in serious need of a lube job.

Readers give their picks for some of the best tailors in the city.

Dog Food
'Will the dogs eat the dog food?' is the figurative, and sometimes literal, litmus test before a product launches. In this case, it's a pretty safe bet.

6 Cool Stores
From Red Lipstick to Tribal Soundz.

Flosso-Hornmann has pulled a disappearing act, alas, but Tannen's soldiers on.

What to know and recommended companies.

Long Island Wines
"Chassagne-Montrachet?" British wine expert Jancis Robinson famously guessed during a blind tasting of what turned out to be…a Gristina Chardonnay from Long Island.

17th Street Photo
It may be the best place to buy a camera in the city.

Computer Help
The Blue Screen of Death has been the bane of Windows users, signaling, as it does, that your computer has had a grand mal seizure. The control-alt-delete emergency response is usually enough to stabilize the damn thing. But not always. If your computer is down for the count, think of these two companies as ER doctors for your PC or Mac.

Few things in life are as irresistible as Louis Armstrong's gushing horn or caressing growl. As life-forces go, Satchmo had a super-concentrate.
That's it for us for 2003. We're off to celebrate the season, back on January 5.

With best wishes for a happy new year,
Charlie Suisman

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