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3 Cakemakers
Three of the town's great cakemakers:
1. Colette's Cakes, 212.366.6530
2. Margaret Braun, 212.929.1582
3. Creative Cakes, 212.794.9811

Book of Ages · 30, by Joshua Albertson, Lockhart Steele, and Jonathan Van Gieson (Crown, $13.95), is a perfect gift for someone turning 30 (there are 4 million people hitting that milestone in the U.S. this year). A breezy miscellany of facts and observations is combined with short sketches of famous figures and what they had accomplished (or not) when they turned 30. The Book of Ages · 40 will be published next.

8 Restaurants with Private Rooms
· Beppe, 45 E. 22nd [Bway/Park Ave. S] 212.982.8422
· Blue Ribbon Bakery, 33 Downing [Bedford] 212.337.0404
· The Cub Room, 131 Sullivan [Prince] 212.677.4100
· Il Buco, 47 Bond [Bowery/Lafayette] 212.533.1932
· L'Impero, 45 Tudor City Pl [42nd/43rd] 212.599.5045
· Mi Cocina, 57 Jane [Hudson] 212.627.8273
· rm, 33 E. 60th [Park/Mad] 212.319.3800
· Suba, 109 Ludlow [Delancey/Rivington] 212.982.5714

MUG turns 1 today.
Don't miss Alessandra Stanley's perfect surgical strike in today's Times against CBS. You can only shake your head at how low a once-great network has fallen.

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