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Books for a Classroom

Donor'sChoose, that innovative online charity, has a mission to help public school students get the resources that are too often lacking. Teachers write about what they need most, post it, and then someone, hopefully, donates to help fulfill the request.

Last year, we asked you to raise $941 for a sixth grade teacher in the Bronx to buy books. You came through in less than an hour. We've got a similar challenge today, to raise $1007 for a South Bronx classroom. The full proposal is here, but this is the gist:

I am an English Language Arts teacher in the South Bronx. This year many of my students have started to develop a love of reading! It is so difficult to capture a student's attention when they have iPods, video games and a million other things that they think are more fun than reading. Every day in class and for homework students are required to read for thirty minutes…I am asking for a wide variety of texts to capture the interests of the different students in my classroom…There is no school library and my students cannot afford to buy books. They depend on our classroom library. My students have finally started reading and I desperately need to provide them with more interesting books to read. At the beginning of the year my goal was to get them reading and now I don't want them to stop. Please help me bring our classroom library back to life!

We hope you'll take a moment to drop a few dollars into the bucket—it can make a big difference to some young New Yorkers. Click on the link below for more info and to donate:

Help public school kids through my challenge!

Note: On Friday we sent you an email about the show Curtains. It was a sponsored email and our policy is to have that clearly marked on both the subject line and below the title. The email did not contain those indications and we apologize for the omission. The error was MUG's, in no way the fault of the nice people from Curtains.

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