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Brain Food
Plus: Reader Mail

On June 3rd, 8pm, at the 92nd St. Y, hear a roundtable discussion, part of the Cornell Global Forum on Sustainable Enterprise, with Al Gore, Stuart L. Hart (authority on green strategies for business), H. Fisk Johnson (CEO of S.C. Johnson), and Ratan N. Tata (chairman of India's largest conglomerate). The focus will be on the intersection between green technologies and business development. $50.

It was May 10, 1849 when the Astor Place Riots broke out at the Opera House, inflamed by a performance of Shakespeare's Macbeth (to oversimplify it). The bottom line was that the Seventh Regiment Cavalry fired on New Yorkers, the first time the American army fired on citizens. Find out what led to the riots when Simon Loekle discusses those events at the Merchant's House Museum, 29 E. 4th [Laf/Bowery] on Monday, May 11th, 7pm, $15.

Okay, we'll bite. What's The Meaning of Life? This NYU course takes a shot at it with answers from religious, philosophical, and scientific perspectives. Starts May 27th, 6:20pm-8pm, 10 sessions, $430.

The Great Hall at Cooper Union has been home for over 150 years to seminal moments of political discourse, protest, demands for, and promises of, change. That is something to be celebrated, and it will be on Tuesday, May 19th, 6:30pm, in a multimedia event called Electoral Politics, part of their Great Evenings in The Great Hall series. Historians, actors, and musicians will be on hand to summon up everyone from Fiorello LaGuardia to Bella Abzug to Barack Obama. Free.

The Hayden Planetarium Lecture: Einstein's Telescope (June 15th, 7:30pm), will explain how Einstein's theory of relativity is allowing scientists to "magnify distant galaxies into view, map out the filaments of dark matter that wind throughout the Universe, and trace the influence of dark energy on the expanding and evolving cosmos." The talk will be given by Evalyn Gates, author of a new book about same. $15.

Fashion and brain food? Hold on there, cowboy. The New School is offering a course called Fashioning Power: The Sociology of Fashion that looks at everything from skirt length to veils to understand the ways fashion impacts individuals, social and professional interactions, and society at large. Starts June 1st, Mondays and Wednesdays, 6pm-7:50pm, 15 sessions, $570. Look for it under Social Sciences.

Rogue States and Nuclear Terrorism is the topic of discussion at the Times Center on June 10th, 6pm-7:15pm, with David Sanger, Jonathan Schell, and two Times editors. $30

The Bowery Boys, aka Greg Young and Tom Meyers, host another challenging NYC trivia night at The Musical Box, 219 Ave. B [13th/14th] 212 254.1731. Teams of up to four compete for bragging rights, plus a copy of Ric Burns' documentary New York. $5 to play.

Reader Mail
Moving… I have a great tip for moving—just did it end of February. To save cash, scout the streets in front of co-op buildings on trash day and amass all the Fresh Direct boxes you can find. Usually the supers will brake them down and twine them together, which makes it easier to lift and transport. Their sizes are perfect for packing almost anything, particularly dishes and books (which get really heavy really fast). I moved the better part of a 1 bedroom apartment and I probably only spent money on 3 boxes.

Hotels Under $200… You missed a hotel that I just stayed at last time I was in the big town. It's called the GEM. The rooms are really clean and the beds are very comfy. [Ed: there are two other GEMS in Manhattan and one in LIC]

Less is More: Meds… "Partnership for Prescription Assistance is a wonderful website that helps you find a service that allows you to get prescription meds for free or discounted. After I reached my limit & my insurance would no longer cover meds (of course I had no idea about the limit!) I used 3 of these services to get free meds for one year. It is INCREDIBLY easy and an unbelievable resource for those millions of people who can't afford the ridiculous prescription drug prices."

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