food 04.14.09

Brooklyn Food Conference

Things we didn't expect:

- That eating out would be the exception, not the rule.

- That there would be an organic vegetable garden at the White House.

- That Brooklyn, a borough which at one time lacked culinary aspirations much beyond Nathan's hotdogs, could be the touchstone of the way we eat now, showing us both the way back and the way forward.

And to that end the Brooklyn Food Conference takes place on May 2nd with a roundtable of chefs – Dan Barber, Peter Hoffman, Bill Telepan, David Shea, and John Tucker, moderated by Leonard Lopate. In addition, lots of useful policy and practical workshops, local farmers, tips on planting a victory garden, and activities for kids.

The event is free, but you are welcome to donate time or kick in a few coins.

You're sure to learn some things you didn't expect.


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