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Brooklyn Superhero Supply Company

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"If we don't have it, a superhero doesn't need it."

The Brooklyn Superhero Supply Company, 372 5th Ave. [5th/6th St.] 718.499.9884, makes that claim with metaphysical certainty and you'll get no argument from us.

You can buy a cape for yourself and your sidekick (you've got your sidekick, right?) Aardvark Brothers (Roosevelt and Henry) make the essential line of tonics that include Truth Serum, Magnetism, and Mind Control. If you insist, they'll sell you an invisible plane for $42 million. That makes the Time Portal, at $3.8 million, a bargain (10,000,000,000 volt batteries not included).

Much more affordable are secret identity kits, rear-view glasses, and strings for use in string theory.

But Brooklyn Superhero is also a front for 826NYC. It's the local outpost of author Dave Eggers' nonprofit organization that tutors students to improve their writing skills, which, in our book, makes Mr. Eggers something of a superhero himself.

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