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By the Numbers

Estimated federal, state, and local taxpayer subsidies for the new Yankee Stadium
$663 million
[Source: Good Jobs NY]

Projected city funding for CUNY in 2009
"About $40 million less than 2008"
[Source: Analysis of the Mayor's Preliminary Budget for 2009 (PDF)]

Number of trees planted in NYC on April 12, 2008
[Source: Dept. of Parks & Recreation]

Half a grapefruit at E.A.T. Cafe
$4 (Jelly donut: $4; fried eggs with ham: $18)
[Source: EliZabar.com]

Violation points of restaurant Chin Chin on March 5, 2008
[Source: NYC Dept. of Health]

G train breakdown mileage
69,361 (Average miles traveled between delays caused by menchanical failures, 2006; system average: 156,624 miles)
[Source: Straphangers Campaign]

Number of G-spot dildo models sold by Babeland
[Source: Babeland]

Tower penthouse sale price at 15 CPW
$45 million
[Source: CNN Money]

Funds to address 'severe shortage of affordable housing' in New York State, announced April 10, 2008
$300 million
[Source: ny.gov]

Number of NYC murders in 2007
[Source: NY Times]

CNN tour and lunch with Jeffrey Toobin
$350 (Opening bid for auction benefitting Playwrights Horizons)
[Source: Playwrights Horizons]

Hotel room inventory
72,250 (As of 9/1/07)
[Source: NYC Visit]

Number of syphilis cases
56% increase (Tracked from July-October 2006 to July-October 2007)
[Source: Fiscal Year 2008 Preliminary Mayor's Management Report]

Portion size of Old Homestead's Gotham rib steak
34 oz.
[Source: Old Homestead website]

Number of liposuctions performed in 2007 (U.S.)
456,828 (It was #1 of the top five surgical cosmetic procedures)
[Source: The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery]

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