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By the Numbers
Every Person in New York

Decline in building projects (new, additions, and alterations) in NYC in the first four months ending May 2010, compared to the same time period in 2009…

Percentage of NYC subway car basic announcements rated clear and accurate…

Percentage of NYC subway car delay or disruption announcements non-existent, inaudible, garbled, or incorrect…

Cost of 'Richard Nouveau' hamburger at Wall Street Burger Shoppe…

Number of adult New Yorkers without a bank account

Passing DOHMH restaurant inspection grade: 28 or fewer points. The worst offender number is La Vega in Queens, with…
296 points

A Pay-As-You-Throw program, which charges for waste disposal based on quantity (and encourages recycling) helps the environment and, based on projections, would save the city…
$327 million annually

Largest NY Lotto jackpot

Amount of money Americans spent on cosmetic surgery and procedures in 2009:
$10.5 billion

Current number of NYC electric car charging stations

Projected for 2011

Number of visitors to NYC in 2009…
45.6 million

Number of homeless New Yorkers, July 19th, 2010…

Starting rate for a night at the Four Seasons NY…

Age of oldest living New Yorker, the Alley Pond Park tulip tree called the Queens Giant…
250-450 years

Building projects: NYC Economic Development Corp. (PDF)

Subway car announcements: Straphangers Campaign

Burger: Burger Shoppe (PDF)

Bank accounts: NYC Dept. of Consumer Affairs

Restaurant inspections: DOHMH

Pay-as-you-throw: Independent Budget Office of NYC (PDF)

Lotto jackpot: NY Lottery

Cosmetic surgery: American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (PDF)

Electric car charging stations:

Visitors to NYC: NYC

Homeless: Dept. of Homeless Services

Four Seasons rates: Four Seasons

Oldest New Yorker: NY Times

Jason Polan started Every Person in New York in March of 2008. He plans on working on the project until it is finished. Look for Every Person in New York on Tuesdays (generally) in MUG and daily at Jason's site.


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