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By the Numbers
Every Person in New York

Central Park receives
37-38 million
visits every year,
by 8-9 million
different people.
On average, 65% of the people
in the park on any given day
are regular visitors who use the Park
once a week or more
[Report on the Use of Central Park [PDF]]

In 2004, NYC accounted for 64% of drug-related deaths as compared to the rest of New York state. Eight years later, New York state accounts for nearly 60% of drug-related deaths as compared to NYC.

Each day, 2.7 million cars drive over the 47 NYC bridges rated both fracture critical and structurally deficient.
[Center for an Urban Future]

NY VC funding up 117% from in Q3 2014 over Q3 2013.
New York's average deal size in Q3 2014 was $13.9 million,
up 48% from Q2 2014 ($9.4 million)

Change in percentage of New Yorkers
who speak English "less than very well" 2005-2013:


Change in ESOL enrollment in NYS:


Students in grades 3-8 meeting or exceeding
English Language Arts:


[Citywide Performance Reporting ]
[Center for an Urban Future]

NYC property values
up 83% since 2004
in Gowanus

The number of water main breaks grew by 26.4% from
Fiscal 2013 to 2014. Water was restored to customers
in an average time of 4.4 hours.

The zip codes with the largest number of national retailer locations: 10001 in Midtown/Koreatown, has the Manhattan Mall. 10314 has the Staten Island Mall. Each zip code has 180 national chains.
[Center for an Urban Future]

New York's most expensive condo:
$100.5 million
[The Real Deal]

Public-sector cost of collecting a ton of garbage:

Dallas: $74

Phoenix: $83

Washington, D.C.: $182

Chicago: $231

NYC: $251

Jason Polan started Every Person in New York in March of 2008. He plans on working on the project until it is finished. Look for Every Person in New York on Tuesdays in MUG and daily at Jason's site.

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