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Fast-food places per 100,000 residents in East and Central Harlem
Fast-food places per 100,000 residents on the Upper East Side
CUNY Campaign against Diabetes PDF

31% of East Harlem adults are obese
27% of Central Harlem adults are obese
11% of Upper East Side adults are obese
Columbia University
Academic Commons

Over 20% of NYC students (K-8) are obese,
another 18% are overweight

An estimated 1.4 million NYC residents rely on emergency food programs each year.
Food Bank NYC

Current minimum wage: $9 an hour
NY State Dept. of Labor

The highest food insecurity rate in the state is in Kings County (Brooklyn)
Feeding America

The average SNAP benefit in New York City declined from $162 per person per month in December of 2012 to about $148 per person per month in September of 2015.
NYC Coalition Against Hunger PDF

NYC sends over 1 million tons of food waste to landfill every year.

Nearly 650,000 adult New Yorkers reported having diabetes in 2011, an increase of approximately 200,000 adults since 2002. Black, Hispanic, and Asian New Yorkers were at least twice as likely to have diabetes as white New Yorkers in 2011.

1 person dies of diabetes-related causes every 90 minutes in NYC.

DOH estimated in 2007 that the total annual cost of diabetes (an increasingly common outcome of obesity) in the city was $6.5 billion.
CUNY Campaign against Diabetes PDF

Children ages 8-12 see an average of 21 food ads a day on TV. Over the course of a year, that's 7,600 food ads or over 50 hours of food advertising a year.
34% are for candy and snacks
28% are for cereal
10% are for fast food
4% are for dairy products
1% are for fruit juices
0% are for fruits or vegetables
The Henry J Kaiser Family Foundation PDF

1 in 5 American school-age children has up to 6 snacks a day.
Let's Move!

Sweden and Norway have banned advertising of junk food aimed at children under 12.
European Public Health Alliance

Over 177 million meals per year served in approximately 1800 NYC schools
NYC Food Policy

Meals served by SchoolFood through the National School Breakfast, Lunch, After-School Snack, and Supper programs limit saturated fat to 10% of the total calories over the course of the week… Guideline for the sale of food and snack items: Sodium content may not exceed 200 mg per portion
The NYC Department of Education Wellness Policies

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