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New York spends $21,206 per pupil compared to the national average of $11,392, more than another other state. Citizens Budget Commission

Pre-K for All is now serving 69,510 children in its third year. One NYC

About 2.5 million NYC residents cast their ballot at city polling sites on Election Day 2016, roughly 55.98% of eligible voters. amnewyork

New York City subway ridership dropped between 2015 and 2016 for the first time since 2009, falling 0.3% to 1.76 billion in 2016. Ride-sharing services provided roughly 93 million trips in 2016, up from 41 million in 2015. New York City Economic Development Corporation

One day of 47,969 Citi Bike trips, visualized. Todd W. Schneider

Hurrican Sandy caused $19 billion in damages to homes and businesses in NYC. Center for NYC Neighborhoods

Brooklyn: Private sector jobs up 29.3% from 2004-2014, unemployment rate is down to 6.1%, down from a high (during the recession) of 9.9%. Brooklyn experienced a 20.8% decrease in reported crimes during that period, slightly below the citywide decline of 25.2%. New York City Economic Development Corporation

Deaths from drug overdoses and chronic drug abuse in New York State increased 71% between 2010 and 2015. The problem was worse in upstate and suburban counties outside of NYC. There was a 45% increase in annual drug-related deaths in NYC, compared to an 84% increase in seventeen counties outside of NYC (for which there is complete federal data). Rockefeller Institute of Government

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