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By the Numbers

Cost of Sandy to New York State ‣

Miles of NYC shoreline

Cost of 'waterproofing' New York City shoreline areas ‣
$19.5 Billion

Brooklyn Tech Triangle strategic plan projects, in the next two years, growth up to 18,000 direct jobs in the tech sector and 43,000 indirect jobs. Pictured, a proposed balloon landing location.

Momofuku Ko dinner price ‣
Momofuku Ko inspection grade ‣
Momofuku Ko violations ‣

Violations recorded in the following areas and a Notice of Violation issued at the reinspection conducted on 05/16/2013.
"Critical" violations are displayed in red.
Sanitary Violations
1) Shellfish not from approved source, improperly tagged/labeled; tags not retained for 90 days.
2) Food contact surface not properly washed, rinsed and sanitized after each use and following any activity when contamination may have occurred.

Number of domestic violence police reports in 2012263,207
Number of domestic violence police reports in 2002222,492
There are 2,724 domestic violence emergency shelter beds citywide, a 35% increase since January 2002.

As you'd expect, there are more daily commutes than reverse commutes.

Average number of people making a daily commute into the city: 912,451

Average number of people making a daily commute out of the city: 303,497

9.6% of NYC residents majored in visual and performing arts
4.0% in the rest of the country

City projection of daily garbage to pass through proposed East 91st Street transfer station
1,800 tons of garbage per day
Critics of the plan say ‣
4,300 tons of garbage per day

Combined pay in 2012 of highest paid CEOs of NY area public companies ‣

Largest national retailer in NYC ‣
Dunkin' Donuts with 484 stores

Cost of Sandy
Waterproofing NYC [PDF]
Momofuku Ko
Brooklyn Tech Triangle
Domestic violence
Visual and Performing Arts
91st St. Garbage Station
CEO Salaries
National Retailers


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