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Walking Off the Big Apple

Change in NYC building project starts last four months of 2010, compared to same time period in 2009
20.8% increase

Change in private sector employment since December 2009
1.6% increase (50,800 jobs)

Total impact of NYC marathon
$220,000,000 (2009)

Heartland Brewery restaurant inspection score
25 (violations include evidence of mice, live roaches present)

Number of acres used for organic agriculture in NY state
2006: 91,239
2007: 129,026
2008: 170,125

Percentage of NYC adults eating 5 or more fruits or vegetables per day

Number of NYC residents over age 85
Women: 110,455
Men: 50,768

Citywide burglaries
1990: 122,055
2010: 18,648

Number of people trapped in elevators, 2010

New Fulton Fish Market annual sales
$3 billion

311 customer service rating
71% excellent or good

Construction Starts and Private Sector Employment [PDF]
Marathon [PDF]
Heartland Brewery
Organic Agriculture
Fruits and Vegetables
Over 85
Burglaries [PDF]
Elevators [PDF]
Fulton Fish
311 Service

I need furniture for a new apartment and don't have a big budget. Do you have a secret stash? Answer

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Cultural and literary notes, plus self-guided walks, courtesy of Walking Off the Big Apple, a strolling guide to New York City.

A New York Spring Calendar 2011

After this past snowy winter, too long and too deep according to many observers, New Yorkers deserve a great spring. Let's get on with it. If you start seeing small yellow flowers on the bare stems of small ornamental trees this coming week, you're likely looking at the Cornelian Cherry Dogwood, an excellent harbinger of spring. Keep your eye out also for the sunny small flowers of yellow jessamine and forsythia.

It's time to take note of our seasonal blooming times, the best locations for witnessing spring's beginnings, and springtime events in the big city. We're just a short time away from parades and opening days. Though we typically will slosh through a few more weeks with chilly days, it's time to play ball. [Continued]


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