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By the Numbers
Walking Off the Big Apple

Percentage of NYC adults eating 5 or more fruits or vegetables per day: 9.4%

Percentage of NYC adults who are overweight or obese: 57.9%
[NY State Dept. of Health]

Number of patents issued between 1980-2010
New York: 40,046
LA: 16,468
[NYC Economic Development Corp.] (PDF)

Robin Hood's Black Eyed Peas and Sting concerts raise $7 million.
100% goes to NYC families in need.

Greenest city in modes of travel to work
(Selected Large U.S. Cities, 2009)
[Citizen Budget Commission] (PDF)

With 65.8% walking, biking, or using public transit,
NYC is #1:
Walk: 10.3%
Bike: 0.6%
Public Transit: 54.9%
Carpool: 5.3%
Single Occupancy Vehicle: 23.5

However, getting to the airport? Not so green.
In a survey taken over six weeks in 2010,
New Yorkers got to JFK this way:
Private car: 38.6%
Taxi: 25.5%
Train/Subway/Air Train: 11.3%
Limo/Town Car: 8.3%
Local Shuttle/Van: 5.4%
Bus: 4.5%
Super Shuttle/Shared-Ride Van: 3.2%
Drove Rental Car: 3.2%
[Port Authority] (PDF)

2010 Annual Average Wage by Borough (Private Industry)
Bronx: $42,644
Brooklyn: $38,413
Manhattan: $108,551
Queens: $43,354
Staten Island: $38,851
[NYC Economic Development Corp.] (PDF)

Cost of dinner at Romera:
$245, prix fixe.

Amount of unclaimed prizes in 2010 NYC Lottery:
[NY Lottery]

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Cultural and literary notes, plus self-guided walks, courtesy of Walking Off the Big Apple, a strolling guide to New York City.

At the National Museum of the American Indian:
An Infinity of Beauty

Now that Occupy Wall Street has at last garnered some mainstream media coverage, we may want to turn our attention to the language, geography, and cultures of occupation. One good way to do so would be to take a walk downtown on Broadway, strolling all the way past the lively encampment at Zuccotti Park/Liberty Square and past the dark canyons of Wall Street and past the circle of bright red geraniums of Bowling Green.

As the thoroughfare ends, pause for a moment to look at the formidable building at the street's base - the Alexander Hamilton U.S. Custom House (built 1900-1907), designed by Cass Gilbert and featuring four large figurative sculptural groups representing the Four Continents. The building is used for multiple purposes in our era including the Federal Bankruptcy Court and the Smithsonian's National Museum of the American Indian, the latter the subject of this post. But before you make your way inside to see the museum's excellent exhibition, "Infinity of Nations," which you must, turn around and consider for a moment the august avenue you've left behind. The Lenape and other Native nations first pounded out this path as a favorite trail. Indeed, in pre-Dutch days, the Wickquasgeck Trail ran all the way up to near Boston.


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