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Cantata Para America Magica
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Thursday, March 10 at 8PM
Symphony Space

Don't miss your chance to experience the vast and daring soundscape of percussion orchestra performing the massive, magical, and rarely-heard Cantata Para America Magica by Argentine composer Alberto Ginastera.

Soprano Lucy Shelton is joined by the Talujon Percussion Group, pianist Ursula Oppens, and an army of percussionists raring to take on this surrealistic masterwork, brilliantly performed on the fine line between sanity and madness! Also on the program are Ginastera's stunning and seemingly impossible Guitar Sonata, Op. 47, performed by David Leisner, and George Crumb's magnificent pieces Voice of the Whale, and Night Music I.

One night only, and only at Symphony Space.

AMNH (from 2009)

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