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Eco-Friendly Auto Club
Better World Club is making a direct challenge to the AAA with eco-travel services, discounts for hybrid car owners, and by donating 1% of annual revenues toward environmental cleanup and advocacy.

Ticket Fixer
TruckingTix, which works with individuals and passenger cars, helps fight your parking ticket.

Nice Drivers, Speedy Pickup, Rude Phone Service
Delancey Car Service, 212.228.3301. As always, we strongly advise against using car services for airport pickups unless they're a really high-end outfit. Otherwise, the incentive for them not to hang around for you is too great.

Where to Park It
We have young Benjamin Sann and his bike to thank for NYC Garages.

Support Oil Company Record Profits Here!
Or not. Where to find the best deals on gas is tracked by New York Gas Prices.

Hybrids, At Your Service
No Town Cars in the whole fleet of OZOcar: it's hybrid only.

Studebakers, a 1957 Jaguar, and Model T's
Make a memorable entrance or exit at an event with something from the stock of vintage cars at FilmCars.

Reader Recommended
All Car in Brooklyn [9 locations]. "They were great, allowed us to specify insurance coverage and everything on the website and get a real complete price. The car selection isn't perfect, but they were really polite and the rates were good."

"For Martin Luther King Weekend, my friend and I were heading to Cooperstown where mutual friends have a weekend home…My friend did a little research and discovered an Enterprise in West New York, NJ, a town I was up til then unaware of. We took the ferry across to Weehawken and the Enterprise folks picked us up at the ferry terminal and brought us back to the branch. These guys were great!!! They were friendly, something I rarely have experienced in rental car personnel. They talked to us about the sort of car we were renting and made recommendations as to which ones were fun to drive. They gave us great directions for avoiding the dreaded NJ traffic. But the best thing about it was the price. For three days, our total was $140. They even gave us a discount for using the ferry!!! And on our return, they drove us back to the ferry terminal. It was easy, friendly and inexpensive. I couldn't believe it and I will never rent from anywhere else again.

The Host
The Shatner Show
New England's Favorite Seafood Shacks

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