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Celluloid Skyline

When we first wrote about Celluloid Skyline in 2003, we called it "the most beautiful website about New York" and we haven't seen anything to change our mind.

We're understandably enthusiastic, then, to learn that the website, and the book on which it's based by James Sanders, will be brought to three-dimensional life in a multimedia exhibit at Grand Central's Vanderbilt Hall called "Celluloid Skyline: New York and the Movies," opening this Friday and running through June 22nd. It's free and open every day from 10am-7pm.

There will be six never-before-exhibited enormous scenic paintings of New York, created at MGM, for such movies as North by Northwest. Background footage from Paramount, from the 1930s on will be screened, and you'll be able to put yourself in the shot. And don't miss the "actuality" films shot from 1896 to 1906 — short films of the city's streets, buildings, and events.

Turner Classic Movies will do their part by running a month-long festival on the channel called "New York and the Movies."

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