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Chicken Soupathon

America has spoken and your chicken soup idol is….

Cozy Soup and Burger
"Cozy Soup and Burger has the BEST chicken noodle soup, actually it's chicken and rice, but it's still the best."
739 Bway [Astor Pl.] 212.477.5566

Vinegar Factory
"Vinegar Factory: Jewish Chicken Soup. 
Chicken Noodle Soup. Matzoh balls leave something to be desired, so avoid those. But the soups contain copious amounts of veggies—celery, onion, parsnip—and are rich and delicious. Better than Mom's by a long shot—and hers was pretty good."
431 E. 91st [1st/York] 212.987.0885

"Good for whatever ails."
208 1st [12th/13th] 212.254.2474

"My vote(s) for best chicken soup: Teresa's restaurants, there's one in Manhattan on First Avenue, there's one in Brooklyn Heights on Montague Street."
103 1st [6th/7th] 212.228.0604
80 Montague [Hicks] Bklyn 718.797.3996

Excellent Pork Chop House
"Excellent Pork Chop House in Chinatown on Doyers has some of the best chicken soup I've had."
3 Doyers [Pell/Division] 212.791.7007

Edison Cafe
"OK, hands down, I'd say Edison Cafe. Katz's can be a bit greasy. Edison's has big chunks of chicken plus a little fresh dill. So that gets my vote. Also their mushroom barley is to die for. Overall best soup in the city!"

"The best chicken soup—particularly with matzo balls from my point of view is available at the Cafe Edison aka The Polish Tearoom in the Hotel Edison and you don't need a ticket."

"Matzoh Ball Soup at the Edison Hotel Cafe—an old standard!"
228 W. 47th [Bway/8th] 212.840.5000

Just Like Mother's
"Not Manhattan, however, if you are ever slummin' in Forest Hills, Queens, take out a bowl of chicken soup from Just Like Mother's on Queens Blvd. I think it's only $2.50 and is spectacular! Don't stay and eat there unless you have a few hours to kill…their customer service sucks."
11060 Queens Blvd. [72nd Av./72nd Rd.] 718.544.3294

Artie's Deli
"I vote for Artie's Delicatessen for some good chicken soup. Although I have not had Katz's soup. I love Katz's as my favorite deli in NYC and think it has really helped some people forget 2nd Avenue."
2290 Bway [82nd/83rd] 212.579.5959

Brooklyn Diner
"God help me but the Brooklyn Diner's version was astonishing—fresh, tender chicken, beautiful broth—I am a convert—no matzoh ball, though."
212 W. 57th [Bway/7th] 212.977.2280

Sarge's Deli
"I have to vote for Sarge's. I hate chicken soup but my husband insists on it whenever I have a cold. So we compromised sometime years ago with Sarge's matzoh ball soup. I am now convinced of its miracle cure properties."
548 3rd [36th/37th] 212.679.0442

"I'm for Veselka's—chunks of chicken, plenty of noodles, and the nice touch of a sprinkle of fresh parsley. Not to mention the side of challah. And you can get a quart to take home."
144 2nd [9th] 212.228.9682

Life Thyme
"Life Thyme the health food shop near Bigelow's has the most amazing chickensoup with huge chunks of chicken and lots of veggies."
410 6th [8th/9th] 212.420.9099

Ben's Kosher Deli
"My vote would be for Ben's Kosher Deli on 38th. I always get a quart to take home when I'm under the weather."

"Ben's gets my vote if for nothing more than their slogan: We cure our own beef. Our chicken soup cures everything else."
209 W. 38th [7th/8th] 212.398.2367
211-37 26th Ave. [211th] Qns. 718.229.2367

Barney Greengrass
"It's all about Barney Greengrass for chicken in the pot. He already has the crown as sturgeon king. Can someone wear two crowns?"
541 Amst [86th/87th] 212.724.4707

Katz's Delicatessen
I just had the same problem last week—stuck at home without any soup. I hobbled over to Katz's (they don't deliver) and grabbed a bowl of matzo ball myself. The soup was fine (although no 2nd Ave!) but it was a huge mistake not to get waiter service. Navigating the lunchtime crowd with a bowl full of soup plus a fever was a huge hassle. Anyway, the soup was good but not enough carrots and on the salty side. I didn't have any place to go for Christmas breakfast either—Abe would be so disappointed.

"It's not even kosher!"

"Katz's forever—no question!"
205 E. Houston [Ludlow] 212.254.2246

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