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Children and Art

In addition places like the 92nd St Y, and the Children's Museum of the Arts kids can dip their toes into the arts with programs like these:

Music Together of Manhattan
NY Philharmonic Kidzone
Third Street

Applause NY
New Victory Theater

After-School Art
Art Smart
Children and Art
Hi Art!
Kids at Art

To celebrate the launch of "Brooklyn Reads to Babies," an early literacy campaign developed by the Brooklyn Public Library, its Central Library at Grand Army Plaza hosts a kick-off event on Wednesday, November 9th, 6:30pm, showing the award-winning short film "Reading With Babies."

Art and Children:
"Kidding" addresses the subject of children and adolescence by five contemporary photographers, sculptors, and video installation artists. It opens this Friday and runs through the end of the year at Ise Cultural Foundation Gallery, 555 Bway [Prince/Spring] 212.925.1649.
"One of the biggest boobs in U.S. History."
— Maureen Dowd in the Saturday Times on former FEMA director Michael Brown

From the Mailbag
"…One of the things running and biking enthusiasts have in common is a lack of good mileage data for tracks anywhere but Central Park. Thus I wanted to pass along this website which I think is so cool for so many reasons. Not the least of which is the fact that Google's site is, for lack of a better word "hack-able," to foster interesting ideas such as this. You can set it for anywhere in the country and create a perfect point-by-point, turn-by-turn route and get a very accurate mileage read. It's obviously very useful for avoiding doing actual work at the office as well." Find it here.

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