leisure 11.5.04


For many New Yorkers, the end of an acutely distressing week. A few ways to chill.

Crack open a bottle of an Argentinean red; specifically, the Bodega Mayol Malbec 2002, available from winesby.com. At $17, it's actually a bargain for a wine this fantastically concentrated.

While you're drinking the Mayol, a couple of suggestions for music as an anodyne: the Norwegian duo
Kings of Convenience (you can hear samples on iTunes) and Canadian jazz singer Carol Welsman. Ms. Welsman is sometimes compared to Diana Krall, but, to us, her voice is far more of a caress. Her song "This Lullaby" is one of the prettiest songs of recent memory.

Don't Point That Thing At Me was written in the 70s by the late Kyril Bonfiglioli, a London art dealer by day. It launched his too-brief series of comic thrillers starring Charlie Mortdecai, which now have a cult following. Had P. G. Wodehouse grown up watching Quentin Tarantino movies, he would have written these books.

A New Pipe
Stop smoking weed in that nasty old pipe. Treat yourself to a new one on Eighth Street, west of Fifth.

You, Your Dog, Wine
Tomorrow (Saturday), the canine adventure company called Blue Sky Dogs takes their final trip of the season to dog-friendly wineries on the North Fork, leaving at 9am and returning at 6:30pm. It's $140 for you and your dog — that includes transportation, visits to three dog-friendly wineries, tastings, and lunch. Call 212.531.3647 to register.

Afternoon Tea
Zen yourself out with tea at Kai, 822 Mad [68th/69th] 212.988.7277.

The Cloisters
A trip to The Cloisters always does us a world of good.
WFMU Record Fair
The good folks at the great radio station WFMU are having their record fair tonight through Sunday at the Metropolitan Pavilion, 125 W. 18th [6th/7th]. Catch some live music while you for shop for hard-to-find Rock, Soul, Experimental, Electronic, Psych, Jazz, Garage, Folk, Minimal Synth, Funk, Latin, Comedy, Country, Spoken Word, Hip Hop, Old Timey, Girl Groups, Hippy Noise, Punk, Breakcore, Electro-Acoustic, Reggae, Pop, Soundtracks, and Micronesian Doo Wop. Admission is $5.

Taste of NY
A big thank you to our first sponsor, New York magazine.

We'll be sending occasional sponsored emails (our current plan is no more than three per month) and we'll try to keep them interesting and relevant for readers. The New York magazine Taste of NY graze-a-thon, which takes place this Monday, November 8, is a perfect example. It promises to be a great event, featuring chefs (and tastes) from dozens of the city's best restaurants. It also benefits City Harvest. So, by all means, go! You'll be helping MUG, supporting City Harvest, and you'll eat exceptionally well.

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