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From our favorite fan maker Vornado, thru 7/25, buy their most powerful fan, the 750 ($99), and get a free Zippi — a compact fan that's perfect for a desktop.

6 Hotel Swimming Pools
Holiday Inn
Le Parker Meridien
Millennium UN Plaza Hotel
Sheraton Manhattan

Face Wipe
On a day like today, you need Cheeky Chimp, the beauty products company that makes, among other things, lemon face wipes. A pack of 10 is $3, available at Flight 001.

Ice Cream
With your Groms, your Il Laboratorios, your Brooklyn Ice Cream Factories — you can hardly go wrong. And yet, just about now, that old standby from Serendipity, a frozen hot chocolate, would hit the spot.

White Wine
While we might not wash down a frozen hot chocolate with a Spanish Albariño, it'll go with just about anything else. And it's perfect for your picnic in the park to listen to the Philharmonic. The Pazo de Señorans, though pricier than many (Garnet has it for $19.99), is especially good.

Trip North
The temperature in St. John's, Newfoundland right now is 61°.

Will Stratton
Garage Sale America
The Modern Bird

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