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Citymeals Holiday Cards
Cheering for Me Now

Send a Citymeals on Wheels holiday card and you perform a holiday hat trick.

Whether it's Anne Watkins' Snowy Central Park, Bryant Park Carousel by Tug Rice or Stars Over Brooklyn Bridge by John Segal (others available, too), people on your list will be happy to hear from you. Citymeals will deliver a hot meal to an elderly, homebound New Yorker. And the meal is sent in honor of your card recipient.

A pack of five cards is $37, plus $4 shipping and handling. You can look at it as a five-card force multiplier. Or just another way to spread the love around.

Something to add to your list of things to be grateful for:

Cheering For Me Now, a new paean to New York by John Kander and Lin-Manuel Miranda, part of Miranda's Hamildrops series.

The 91-year old Mr. Kander, a national treasure, turns in a fresh, percussive and soaring new tune and Miranda's lyrics are wry and lovely.

Alone on a stage in Hamilton garb, Miranda strides stalwartly into the big notes, sticks the landing, and is off somewhere to write a new song before your goosebumps have begun to subside.

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