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Clothing Directory
the skint

Some of the city's top clothing sources, services, and suppliers—and a few recommendations for outsourcing when that's the way to go.

Tender Buttons, 143 E. 62nd [Lex] 212.758.7004

The Missing Link, 40 W. 25th [5th/6th] 212.645.6928

Dry Cleaners
Alpian's Garment Care. 325 E. 48th [1st/2nd] 212.753.7421
Cameo Cleaners, 284 3rd [22nd] 212.677.3949
Ernest Winzer, 1828 Cedar Ave. [W. Tremont] Bx 718.294.2400
Jeeves New York, 39 E. 65th [Mad/Park] 212.570.9130
Hallak Cleaners, 1232 2nd [64th/65th] 212.832.0750
Madame Paulette, 1255 2nd [65th/66th] 212.838.6827
Meurice, 31 Univ. Pl. [8th/9th] 212.475.2778 and 245 E. 57th [2nd/3rd] 212.759.9057

Metro Custom Dyeing, 306 W. 38th [8th/9th] 212.391.1001

Baldwin Formals, 1156 6th [45th] 212.245.8190
Jack Silver, 250 W. 49th [Bway/8th] 212.582.0202

Hat Cleaning and Blocking
Optimo, Chicago, 773.238.2999

Jeans Repair
Denim Therapy

Leather Garment Cleaning
Leathercraft Process, New Jersey, 908.241.2600

Manny's Millinery Supply, 26 W. 38th [5th/6th] 212.840.2235

French-American Reweaving, 119 W. 57th [6th/7th] 212.765.4670
Superior Weaving and Mending, 41 Union Sq W. [17th] 212.929.7208

Hyman Hendler, 21 W. 38th [5th/6th] 212.840.8393

Shoe Repair
Cesar's Shoe Repair, 180 7th [20th/21st] 212.961.6119
Jim's Shoe Repair, 50 E. 59th [Park/Mad] 212.355.8259

Garde Robe, 888.427.3311

Bhambis, 14 E. 60th [5th/Mad] 212.935.5379
Mandana, 1175 Lex [80th/81st] 212.861.2003
Silhouettes and Profiles, 160 W. 71st [Col/Bway] 212.877.3372
Wilfred's Tailoring, 20 W. 23rd [5th/6th] 212.242.3030

Tie Cleaning
Tiecrafters, 252 W. 29th [7th/8th] 212.629.5800

M & J Trimming, 1008 6th [37th/38th] 212.391.6200
Tinsel Trading, 1 W. 37th [5th] 212.730.1030

Wedding Gown Cleaning
The dry cleaners listed above do careful work with bridal gowns.

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skint - adj. british slang (1930-35)
lacking funds, broke, bust, stone-broke, impecunious

Around town this weekend, courtesy of the skint: a daily listing of free and cheap things to buy, see, do and eat in New York.

fri: it's international waffle day! wear black, yellow and red to get a free waffle from wafels and dinges. track them down on twitter.

fri 7:30pm doors: shake off the winter blues at the skint's end of hibernation comedy party! with kurt braunohler, dave hill, adam wade, brooke van poppelen, more. plus, $2 oaxaca tacos and $1 robicelli's mini cupcakes. followed by a happy house after party. bell house, $10.

sat: 11am: grillin' on the bay, nyc's only sanctioned bbq contest, takes over sheepshead bay. the free-to-compete chili smackdown awards $100 to the top stew. bbq, beer, more available for purchase. $10 admission gets you all-you-can-eat chili.

sat: 8pm: break out your gatsby-era best for gemini + scorpio's 3rd annual swing house, featuring authentic vintage-era bands. rsvp for geenpoint location. $10-20.

sat + sun 10am-6pm: martha stewart opens a pop-up to serve up freshly-baked (of course) pies and fruit tarts to promote her book, new pies and tarts. little owl the venue (93 greenwich st).

Times Square

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